Private Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital General Surgery Specialists Op. Dr. Barış Gürcü and Op. Dr. İhsan Pekrü said that the same surgery is not performed for everyone, and that the patient’s condition, weight and the evaluations made by our Dietician, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Chest diseases specialists have decided that the surgery will be performed as follows:

Also known as “Sleeve Gastrectomy”, “sleeve gastrectomy” is used for a large part of the stomach; It is one of the obesity surgery methods that restricts the food intake of the person by cutting out approximately 80% of it and reducing the stomach volume. The operation takes approximately 1-2 hours. The patient, who is followed up in the recovery room after the operation, is taken to the service and his treatment begins here. The biggest advantage of laparoscopic surgery is that there is little pain because there is no big incision in the abdomen. This not only increases your comfort after surgery, but also reduces long-term complications such as bleeding, respiratory problems, and acute wound hernia. Our patients are discharged within an average of 4 days.


With the surgical operation applied to the region that causes hunger in the stomach, we eliminate the part of the stomach that secretes the hormone called Ghreline and the feeling of hunger in this part. Thus, both the stomach shrinks and the feeling of hunger disappears.