rivate Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital General Surgery Specialists Op. Dr. Barış Georgian and Op. Dr. Goiter Surgery was performed by İhsan Pekrü with Nerve Monitoring.

Şenay Yorulmaz, 46, who lives in Ortaca, applied to the General Surgery Department of the Private Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital because of the swelling in her neck and difficulty in swallowing in her bar. Kiss. Dr. In the examinations made by Barış Georgian, a large thyroid nodule was detected and a decision was made for surgery. Georgian, who performed the operation after the examinations, continued his statements, stating that goiter is a common disease in the society and that the most satisfactory treatment of this disease is surgery:

“Almost 10-15% of the society has modules and about 10-15% of these modules have the possibility of cancer. For this reason, we suggest surgery in patients with thyroid gland, growth-related shortness of breath, respiratory distress, pressure symptoms or visually disturbing patients who have cancer.

The often benign masses, called “nodules” in the thyroid gland, are detected by a physician’s examination or imaging tests applied to the neck area. Small thyroid nodules usually do not show symptoms. Most of these nodules are detected incidentally during an examination of the neck due to another disease or by tests such as MRI with ultrasound. When the thyroid nodules usually reach 3-4 centimeters, the pale creates a complaint when they put pressure on the esophagus or large vessels. It is important to catch thyroid nodules before they reach these sizes.


Thyroid nodules often do not require treatment. However, between 6 months and 1 year, ultrasound and, if needed, blood tests are sufficient. Medication or radioactive iodine therapy can be used to shrink or control some nodules.

Cancer nodules make up 5 percent of troit nodules. It is necessary to eliminate the suspicion of cancer if it is covered with solid structures instead of liquid or if the nodule is growing too small. In the presence of thyroid nodules, ultrasound examination and thyroid function tests called TSH and T4 are used. If there is a suspicious condition in terms of cancer, fine needle aspiration biopsy or surgery decision is made.

Risks reduced to 1%

Indicating that goiter surgeries had frightened the past, Georg said that with the development of technology and technology, operations began to become easier.

“Nerve damage can occur more frequently in surgeries performed due to large goiter, malignancy, anatomical variations and recurrent tumor. In this surgery method we apply in our hospital, monitoring and stimulation of the nerves is provided, and safer and widest possible surgical dissection is possible and the risk of hoarseness is minimal after surgery. Now our patients are operated safely and with all the possibilities required by today’s technology.

The Nerve Monitoring method, known as the nerve detector among the people, is a method that is safer by observing the nerves in goiter and thyroid surgeries and where the hoarseness is at a minimum level after the operation. With this technique, the nerve is isolated and nerve injuries can be prevented. ” said.

Şenay Yorulmaz who regained his health after a successful operation:

“Thinking about the damage to the nerves when surgery was decided scared me a lot. But thanks to my doctors Barış Georgian and İhsan Pekrü, I realized that there was no change in my voice after successful surgery. I became able to be discharged in one day. Esnaf Hospital General Surgery Specialists Op. Dr. Barış to Georg and Op. Dr. I would like to thank İhsan Pekrü for regaining her health in a short time ”.