Severely injured, Seçkin Dağlı was brought to Private Lokman Hekim Trades Hospital by medical teams. He was unconscious at the first examination in the emergency department. Without wasting time, Anesthesiologist Dr. Intubation was performed by Feridun Karadağlı and he was taken to the tomography unit with respiratory support. Brain hemorrhage was detected in the cranial CT taken and neurosurgeon Op. Dr. He was operated by Mehdi Sadat.

Private Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital, Neurosurgery Specialist Op. Dr. Mehdi Sadat: “I came to the hospital as soon as the news reached me. The life of Seçkin Dağlı, who had a motorcycle accident at the age of 19, had almost no functions. He was unconscious and in a deep coma. He did not react to any stimulus. Brain functions were close to their end. He had very weak breathing and heart beats. The brain was near death. Anti-edema therapy was started quickly to relax the brain. Computerized Brain Tomography was taken. Hemorrhages and brain edema were detected in the brain. Although there is no indication for surgery in the books, the patient was urgently operated and necessary interventions were made. The bleeding was cleared, decompression was performed. The bone taken from the head was placed in the abdomen, the brain was relaxed and the patient was taken to intensive care. ” He continued his explanations as follows:

“Hospital management, doctors, operating room team, intensive care team, ward team, FTR team all staff share the joy of the patient’s family. I would like to state that bringing a person back to life is a team work. said.

Perceptions started in Seçkin Dağlı, who opened her eyes to life in the intensive care unit on February 8, 2017, and everything was going well. He was taken to the service on the 12th day after his intensive care treatment and his treatment continued in the service. Özel Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. “Clavicle Fracture” by Dr. Tanzer Gürcü and Neurosurgeon Op. Dr. The second operation (Cranioplasty) was carried out by Mehdi Sadat.

The speech, movements and nutrition of Seçkin Dağlı, who was treated at the hospital for about 1 month, were getting better. Seçkin Dağlı, who survived the life danger, in the first month of her return to life, Private Lokman Hekim Trades Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. He was evaluated by Erhan Çetin and started treatment in the physical therapy unit. Seçkin Dağlı, who can take a few steps with the support of two people, who is completely dependent on one in daily life activities, and who has lost strength and coordination in her left upper and lower extremities, is now able to see her own needs independently, do her daily activities independently, and continue her normal life.

Father Cengiz Dağlı, who is very happy to have his son recovered:

“It is impossible for me to describe the shock and sadness I experienced when I learned on the phone that my son was seriously injured as a result of a traffic accident on the morning of the incident. I reached the hospital immediately. His condition was very serious and I was about to lose my son. But I never lost hope. It was a great chance for us that the Tradesmen Hospital and our doctors were here. They almost gave us a miracle. With timely and correct treatment, they brought my son, whom I was about to lose, back to life. My son has now returned to his normal life. I could not even guess this much. It is the hospital management, Dr. Feridun Bey, Dr. Mehdi Beye, Dr. Tanzer Bey, Dr. Endless thanks to Mr. Erhan, Physiotherapist Mrs. Ebru and all the hospital staff, whose name I cannot mention. “